Miss Jones

Parking Patrol

by | 1 Jan 2017 | Community, JRSO, Parents, Swans

On Wednesday 18th January the JRSO’s and Denise the Community Police Officer observed the parking outside the school gates at the end of the school day. The JRSO’s were making sure drivers had parked safely and correctly. With support from Denise,  the JRSO’s looked at the cars individually and made a decision on which ticket the driver […]

Book Club

by | 1 Jan 2017 | Extracurricular, Woodpeckers

Children from the Woodpeckers Class joined Miss Jones and Mrs Kite for Book Club. The children enjoyed listening to the story Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson before doing activities based on the book. The children made their own potions, collecting items from outside and using coloured water. They used their imagination to think what their potion […]

Forest Schools

by | 1 Jan 2017 | Environment, Kingfishers

The children in Kingfishers Class participated in their first Forest Schools session. They followed instructions and walked with their partners to the forests, watching where they were going and crossing the road carefully. When they arrived in the forest they sat in a circle with the children from Orchard Barns and listened to Terry the leader […]


by | 12 Dec 2016 | Classes

The Kingfishers welcomed Hannah the school Nurse to their classroom. She had come to talk to them about germs and washing their hands. They found out what germs were, where they are found and that they can make them ill. The children were then informed how they can prevent germs. Hannah showed the children different cuddly germs and what […]

Kingfishers Assembly

by | 12 Dec 2016 | Kingfishers, Parents

The children in Kingfishers class proudly showed their work from this half term. They told the audience they had been learning about fireworks, birthdays, friendship and penguins. The children confidently stood and spoke to the audience and were very enthusiastic singing their rhyme about fireworks and penguins! They received their merit charts and a special certificate from Miss Jones. […]

Christmas Penguin Experience

by | 11 Nov 2016 | Kingfishers, Trips, Woodpeckers

Today the children in Kingfishers and Woodpeckers Class took part in a wonderful Christmas educational experience at Colchester Zoo! The children were greeted by a festive elf who helped the children learn all about penguins. They got the chance to observe real penguins up close and watched them eat their breakfast. They were then greeted by […]

Penguin Challenge Afternoon

by | 11 Nov 2016 | Classes

The children in Kingfishers Class worked with a family member and created a penguin. They planned what they were going to do and what they were going to use. They constructed their model using recycled materials, cutting, sticking and painting. The children also wrote a label for their model. The children really enjoyed working with […]

Road Safety Week

by | 11 Nov 2016 | Classes, JRSO

This week the JRSOs have been busy promoting Road Safety Week to the children and staff. The JRSOs organised a Walk to School day, encouraging children and parents to walk instead of driving to school. The JRSOs were very pleased with the amount of children who walked to school. Thank you to all the children […]

Brightness Day

by | 11 Nov 2016 | Classes, Fundraising, JRSO

The children arrived at school in their brightest clothes to raise money for Children in Need. The JRSOs asked the children to wear their brightest clothes to promote the slogan Be safe, Be seen. Miss Kluge and the JRSOs chose a winner from each class for being in their brightest clothes. Mr Leroux was the brightest member of staff. The […]

Cooking Cupcakes

by | 11 Nov 2016 | Facilities, Kingfishers

The children made cupcakes for Spencer Bear’s birthday. The children were very keen to help, following the recipe. First they put the bun cases into the tins. Then they helped by weighing the ingredients, sieving the flour, cracking eggs, folding the flour and mixing the eggs to create the cake mixture. They helped put the […]

Maths and English Club

by | 11 Nov 2016 | Extracurricular, Maths, Woodpeckers

Some of the children from Woodpeckers class joined Miss Jones, Miss Kluge and Mrs Kite for the Maths and English After School Club. The children joined playing Maths games with Miss Jones. Year One children rolled a dice and added the two numbers together and found the correct numeral. Year Two children used their knowledge of  multiplication and division facts […]

Safe and Seen in Suffolk

by | 11 Nov 2016 | JRSO, Kingfishers, Owls, Swans, Woodpeckers

The children were very excited to receive their reflector from the ‘Safe and Seen in Suffolk’ campaign. The JRSOs told the children in assembly about the campaign and why it is important to wear the reflectors. The children were asked to wear their reflectors on their coat or book bag so that they can be […]