Miss Jones

Kingfisher Class Assembly

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Achievements, Curriculum, Kingfishers, Parents, School Events, Visitors

The children in the Kingfisher Class performed their assembly on Friday. The work they showed was on the theme of ‘Ourselves’.  They named body parts, they spoke about the visit from Sue Hunter the Dental Nurse, they showed collages of their favourite foods, said the letters sounds of the alphabet and sang the ABC song. […]

Traffic Survey

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Community, Curriculum, Kingfishers, School Events, Trips

Kingfisher Class walked to the village green to conduct a survey of the traffic. The children were very excited and waited patiently for vehicles to go pass, listening carefully. When they saw a vehicle they made a mark on their chart. They saw cars, lorries, vans and buses. When they got back to school the […]

Transport Challenge Afternoon

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Community, Curriculum, Facilities, Kingfishers, Parents, School Events, Visitors

Today the children in the Kingfisher class and their family member took part in the transport challenge afternoon. They designed their vehicle and used lots of recycled materials to create it. When they had finished they had to evaluate their vehicle.  The children really enjoyed the afternoon and I think the adults did too! The […]

Anti Bullying Week

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Kingfishers, Owls, School Events, Swans, Woodpeckers

This week was Anti Bullying week which meant it  was a very important week for our Anti Bullying Buddies. On Monday the Buddies led the Whole School Assembly introducing our first ever ‘House’ competition! Each House had the afternoon to design a poster promoting ‘Good Friendships’. It was great to see all Key Stages working […]

Brightness Day

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Classes, Community, Fundraising, Kingfishers, Owls, Parents, School Events, Swans, Woodpeckers

The JRSO’s have planned  a ‘Brightness Day’ on Friday 27th November 2015 to inform children how important it is to be safe and to be seen, in the winter months. Please encourage your child to come to school in the brightest clothes they have, we are asking for a donation of £1 per child for […]

Kingfisher class visit Hall Farm

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Curriculum, Facilities, Kingfishers, Trips

Today Kingfisher class walked to Hall Farm to do the farm trail. We were able to follow a map which Ann had drawn for us. Edward kindly took us around and we saw lots of different animals. We were even followed by a goat, Miss Jones thought she had a new child in her class! We […]

Washing hands

by | 10 Oct 2015 | Kingfishers

Hannah the Nurse came to talk to the children in Kingfisher Class about  germs and the importance of washing their hands properly. We met different germs – cuddly toys!! Hannah had a special light to show the children what germs they had on their hands.  

Dental Nurse Visit

by | 10 Oct 2015 | Kingfishers

The Kingfisher Class had Mrs Hunter the Dental Nurse visit them. She told the children how to look after their teeth and what food is good and bad for them.    

Our walk around the village

by | 10 Oct 2015 | Kingfishers

Kingfisher class walked around the village finding out what buildings and shapes they could see. They saw the Post Office, Vets, Garage and Church. They found circle, triangles, squares and rectangles.