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Robots, Potatoes, Space and Father’s Day

by | 7 Jul 2017 | English, Kingfishers

On Friday the Kingfishers performed their last assembly of the school year. The children were confident to stand up, talk and sing to the audience. The children proudly showed their work and talked about what they had learnt. The children talked about their non fiction books about robots. They told the audience how they grew potatoes. […]

Forest Fun Fire

by | 7 Jul 2017 | Kingfishers

The children were looking forward to their final session of forest fun, which they knew would involve a fire. They made some dough with Miss Jones in the classroom and moulded it into their own shape. The children then got their wellie boots on and followed Miss Jones and Mr Wheals out into the forest […]

Happy Reading

by | 7 Jul 2017 | English, Fundraising

Many thanks for supporting our Book Fair.  We raised £271.10  which gives us £68.44 to spend on free books for our school.  We hope the children are enjoying their new books.

Rocket and Aliens

by | 7 Jul 2017 | English, Kingfishers

The children in Kingfishers class were very excited to find a rocket in their garden. They secured the area with tape and looked carefully at the evidence around the rocket. The children wrote about what they could see and kept an eye on the rocket for the rest of the day just in case the aliens […]

Gold Award

by | 6 Jun 2017 | Achievements, Community, JRSO, Trips

Today the JRSO’s attended the Junior Road Safety Awards Event at Endeavour House in Ipswich. The JRSO’s met the Councillor,  the cabinet member for Highways and Transport, listened to presentations from other JRSO’s and participated in a question and answer session. The JRSO’s were awarded a Gold award for their scrapbook which informed others of […]

Arts Week – Day 4

by | 6 Jun 2017 | Art & Design

Today Kingfishers and Woodpeckers joined together again to produce the foreground and background for their final group piece. They used sponges and paintbrushes to print and dab sky and bush patterns using different colours. This afternoon they have looked at a variety of paintings by Gainsborough and answered questions as a group by thinking about the context […]

Christchurch Mansion

by | 6 Jun 2017 | Art & Design, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers

Today the children in Kingfishers and Woodpeckers class visited Christchurch Mansion. The workshops and activities were based around one of Constable’s paintings, ‘The Mill Stream’. The children used their imagination and creative skills to interpret the painting in different ways within their activities. There was a music and movement workshop where the children used instruments […]

Arts Week – Day 2

by | 6 Jun 2017 | Art & Design

The Kingfishers and Woodpeckers class joined together again to create seasonal trees. The children worked in groups to create a tree. They mixed the paints to make different colours. They painted leaves using their fingerprints. They used this technique to finish their individual tree. The Owls practised mark making using different media. The four media […]

Arts Week – Day 1

by | 6 Jun 2017 | Uncategorised

Kingfishers and Woodpeckers Class joined together to do some art based learning about Thomas Gainsborough. They worked in mixed age groups to found out facts about Gainsborough and his work. The children used pencil to do observational drawings of a section of the famous painting called ‘Gainsborough’s Forest’. These drawings will be cut out to create a Reception […]

Pots of Potatoes

by | 6 Jun 2017 | Uncategorised

The children were very excited to ‘dig’ up their potatoes today. The children listened to instructions given to them on which potatoes to keep and which to discard and then they rummaged around the soil looking for potatoes to put into their bowl. They knew to discard the green ones and the small ones and […]

Art Club

by | 6 Jun 2017 | Uncategorised

On Thursday after school, children from Key Stage Two joined Miss Jones for Art club. The children were given the task of seeing how they could create a piece of artwork using just lines. The children experimented in drawing lines in a variety of ways using felt tips. The children will be looking at a […]

Forest Fun Potions

by | 5 May 2017 | Uncategorised

During the Forest Fun session this week, the children in Kingfishers used their creative skills to create a potion. The children used coloured water to make their potion. They had to think about what their potion could be made of using items from the forest and what their potion could do. The children were given a container […]