Miss Jones

Snowmen and Snowflakes

by | 1 Jan 2020 | Environment, Kingfishers

The children were given the task of creating a snowflake or a snowman using natural materials. They discussed what snowmen and snowflakes looked like, remembering that snowflakes have 6 points and that they are translucent. They worked in groups and explored the field looking for sticks, stones, grass and leaves which they could use for […]

Cooking Club

by | 1 Jan 2020 | Design Technology, Extracurricular

The children were very excited as it was the first Cooking Club session. The children listened carefully to instructions, washed their hands and put an apron on. The children made cheese swirls and melted snowmen biscuits. We hope you enjoyed eating them!

Cycle of Good

by | 12 Dec 2019 | Community, JRSO

The JRSOs walked to the Post Office with a parcel full of used inner tubes. The JRSOs had asked parents and the community to recycle their used inner tubes. The JRSOs sent the parcel to Cycle of Good. Cycle of Good will up-cycle the inner tubes and create new products. Cycle of Good train tailors […]

Christmas Elves

by | 12 Dec 2019 | Kingfishers

The Christmas Elves arrived in Kingfishers Class at the beginning of December and have been very busy! The children have found Jingle and Tinsel playing with their toys, making a trainer train, creating a photo booth and growing chocolate Santas from magic seeds. Jingle and Tinsel also created mathematical problems for the Reception children to […]

Fire Fire!

by | 12 Dec 2019 | Kingfishers, Parents

It was the turn of the Kingfishers to perform their first assembly of the school year. The children were confident to stand up and talk to the audience. The children proudly talked about what they had been learning about – The Great Fire of London. The children also sang ‘London’s Burning’. The children all received […]

Hey Ewe!

by | 12 Dec 2019 | Kingfishers, News, Religious Education, School Events, Woodpeckers

On Thursday afternoon and evening, after lots of rehearsing and lines memorised, children in Kingfishers and Woodpeckers Class performed Hey Ewe! to a packed audience. The Christmas story was seen through the eyes of a curious sheep! The children had lots of fun entertaining the audience with their version of the nativity and were in good […]

Road Safety Week

by | 11 Nov 2019 | JRSO, School Events

The children, parents and staff enjoyed participating in Road Safety Week which took place during the week Monday 18th – Friday 22nd November 2019. The JRSOs asked the children to ‘Walk to School’ and staff provided walking buses allowing parents to drop their children at a safe place and letting their children walk to school. […]

Tudor House

by | 11 Nov 2019 | Design Technology, History, Kingfishers

The children became designers and designed their own Tudor house. The children looked at images of different Tudor houses and thought about what they looked liked and the features they had. The children used the information to design their own Tudor house. They drew a picture of their design and added labels. They thought about […]

Elmer Returns

by | 11 Nov 2019 | Community, News

Our Elmer ‘Swanning around in Constable Country’ has been returned to us after his stay in Christchurch Mansion. Elmer’s new home is in the school library. It’s great to have Elmer back and for him to be part of our school again.

Museum of East Anglian Life

by | 11 Nov 2019 | Kingfishers, Trips, Visits

On Thursday 7th November Kingfisher Class went on their trip to the Museum of East Anglian Life. The children were very excited when they saw they were travelling on a double decker coach. The children took part in their learning session. The children listened carefully to what Jo had to say. She asked them questions […]

The Sun Free Books For School

by | 11 Nov 2019 | Community, Fundraising, Parents

The Sun is offering primary schools the chance to claim a set of free Collins Big Cat books worth over £600. We have registered our school to take part and we need your help to claim this great offer. We need to collect 3,500 tokens which will be printed in The Sun every day from […]

Library Visits

by | 11 Nov 2019 | Community, Facilities, Visitors

The librarians welcomed children from Orchard Barns to the school library. The librarians showed the children around and told them how to use the library. The librarians read the children some stories. Orchard Barns will have the opportunity to visit our library weekly and borrow books to take back to their setting. Thank you for […]