Miss Jones

We’re Going on a Dinosaur Hunt

by | 2 Feb 2023 | English, Kingfishers

This half term the Year One children have been creating their own book – We’re Going On A Dinosaur Hunt. The children created story maps and photographed their own scenes to help them recall their ideas. The children have written their own stories. The Reception children worked together to create their version of We’re Going […]

Dinosaur Workshop Letter

by | 2 Feb 2023 | Kingfishers, School Events

The children were all very excited  as they received a letter! Miss Jones opened it and read the letter to the children. It was a letter from Sue and Graham – the people who came and presented the dinosaur workshop!

Dinosaur Land Art

by | 2 Feb 2023 | Art & Design, History, Kingfishers

The children became ‘artists’ and thought about the question – Can we create natural 3D landscape pictures of dinosaurs, using found objects? The children found out about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and focused on his working methods and approaches and created a dinosaur using natural materials. The children showed great perseverance as it was quite […]

Play Dough Dinosaurs

by | 1 Jan 2023 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The children became ‘artists’ and thought about the question – Can we explore playdough and its properties to create a dinosaur? The children listened to instructions and explored the play dough. The children were asked to create their own dinosaur sculpture. The children looked at the models of the dinosaurs and set to work making […]

Palaeontologists in Kingfishers

by | 1 Jan 2023 | Kingfishers, Science

The children became Palaeontologists. The children thought about what they would need to help them – hammer, brush, bag and spade. The children got their bags ready and got busy trying to find the fossils. The children were very careful and said it was going to take a long time to find them. The children […]

Enquiry Question

by | 11 Nov 2022 | Environment, Kingfishers

The children were introduced to their enquiry question for this half term – How is our school and local area affected by the seasons? The Year One children were asked to think about the question and Mrs Clark recorded their answers. The Reception children were asked to tell Miss Jones about the word weather and […]

Petal Mandala Sun Catchers

by | 11 Nov 2022 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

In Art the Reception children designed and made a mandala which can be used as a sun catcher. They used flower petals and leaves to create a circular pattern which they tried to make symmetrical. Amazing art work.

Remembrance Day

by | 11 Nov 2022 | History, Kingfishers

Mrs Gage talked to the children about Remembrance Day. Mrs Gage then read the children a story called ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’. Mrs Gage showed the children a tin and told the children there was words in the tin from the story. The children tool it in turns to choose a word and they […]

Moving Firework Pictures

by | 11 Nov 2022 | Design Technology, Kingfishers

The children became designers. They were asked to design and make a moving firework picture book. Before they started designing they explored and evaluated a range of existing products. The children then starting planning their moving firework picture book based on the design criteria and the rhyme – Remember, Remember the Fifth of November. Once […]

Abstract Art

by | 10 Oct 2022 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The children became artists and created a group piece of abstract artwork that represented fireworks. Mrs Clark demonstrated how to use the painting resources – teabags dipped in paint and then thrown, dabble or wiped; paintbrushes to flick paint, long or short stokes or dabs; string dipped in paint and dragged across the paper or […]

Kandinsky Inspired London Cityscape with Fireworks

by | 10 Oct 2022 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The children became ‘artists’ and thought about the question – Can we understand that artists can tell stories with their work? The children watched a video showing them how to draw a cityscape using lines and patterns! The background for their drawing was going to be inspired by artist Wassily Kandinsky! The children got busy […]

Fantastic Fireworks!

by | 10 Oct 2022 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The children were very excited to create their firework pictures. The children cut out a circle and placed the it into the salad spinner. The children choose the colours they wanted and dripped and tapped the paint on to the circle. When they had selected the colours they put the lid on top and spun […]