Miss Jones

The Twinkly Nativity

by | 12 Dec 2023 | Kingfishers, News, School Events, Woodpeckers

The children in Kingfishers and Woodpeckers Class performed The Twinkly Nativity to a packed audience in Stratford St Mary church. The children had lots of fun entertaining the audience with their version of the nativity and were in good voice singing the fun songs. Well done to all of our children – we are very […]

The Curious Polar Bear

by | 12 Dec 2023 | Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers

The children joined Miss Jones for another book club session. This week’s story was ‘The Curious Polar Bear’. The children made polar bear biscuits and enjoyed putting a polar bear puzzle back together, which was a bit tricky!!! The polar bear biscuits were delicious!!!!

Road Safety Week

by | 12 Dec 2023 | Fundraising, JRSO, News

During the week of Monday 20th – Friday 24th November 2023 the children participated in Road Safety Week. The JRSOs encouraged parents and children to walk to school during this week. On Friday 24th November 2023 the children and staff wore their brightest socks raising money for the Brake charity. The children also entered a […]

Winter Snowflakes

by | 12 Dec 2023 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

The children became artists and created their own snowflakes. Mrs Clark and the children talked about snowflakes and how they are made, the way they look and the fact that they are symmetrical. The children were given three pipe cleaners and asked to lay them on top of each other to create star shape. They […]

Woodland Fun

by | 12 Dec 2023 | Forest Schools, Kingfishers

The children enjoyed another ‘Forest Schools’ session with Mrs Martin, Mrs Gage and Mrs Clark. The children got changed into their outside clothes and headed out to the Forest Fun area and sat on a log in the log circle. The children listened to Mrs Martin as she explained what they were going to do. […]

Autumn Wreaths

by | 11 Nov 2023 | Art & Design, Kingfishers

This afternoon the children became artists. Today, the children went on a nature hunt to collect leaves, pine cones, tree bark, evergreen stems and other signs of autumn. The children used the items they had collected to create a wreath using a paper plate. The children were encouraged to think about how they were going […]

Owls and Birds of Prey Talk

by | 11 Nov 2023 | Kingfishers, School Events

On Friday 10th November the children were very excited to welcome Stephanie and her birds. Stephanie introduced the children to lots of different types of owls. She told the children about the different owls – Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, Little Owl, Short eared owl, Long eared owl. She told they about where they lived, what […]

Book Club

by | 11 Nov 2023 | Extracurricular, Kingfishers, Owls

This half term the children in Year One, Two and Three have had the opportunity to participate in Book Club with Miss Jones. Miss Jones reads the children a story and then they enjoy doing an activity relating to the book. This weeks story was ‘Sparks in the Sky’. The children made chocolate sparklers and […]

Kingfishers Sharing Session

by | 11 Nov 2023 | Kingfishers, Parents, School Events

On Monday 6th November the children in Kingfishers Class took part in their sharing session with their adult. The children and adults were challenged to work together to create an animal using recycled materials. The children and adults had lots of fun! The animals were fantastic. Well done everyone!

Online Safety

by | 11 Nov 2023 | Computing, Kingfishers

The children in Kingfishers class have been learning about how to keep safe online. The children thought about the enquiry question – Can we understand how to treat others, both online and in-person? Miss Jones read the children the story of Digi Duck. The story was about Digi Duck who had a difficult decision to […]

Fire and Bread

by | 10 Oct 2023 | Environment, Kingfishers

Mrs Martin told the children they were going to help make a fire. They discussed the fire triangle and how they need fuel, they needed to ignite the fire and they needed air. The children were asked to sort the sticks they had collected last week by the thickness of the sticks. The children listened […]

A Visit From the Vets

by | 10 Oct 2023 | Kingfishers, Visitors

The children had a visit from Tim and Vicky from Penrose Vets. They told the children all about what they do and the animals they look after. Tim showed the children how he uses he is stethoscope to listen to the animal’s heart beat. The children had a go at listening to their own heart […]