Miss Kluge

Woodpeckers’ Class Assembly.

by | 10 Oct 2016 | Classes

This week was the turn of the Woodpeckers to showcase their work from this half term. They showed their Autumn leaf sculptures and explained how they were made. They also shared some of their writing. In Literacy they had made their own books with the next chapter of ‘Not Now Bernard’ and even included a […]

House Building in Construction Club!

by | 9 Sep 2016 | Classes

On Wednesday some of Key Stage One enjoyed their team work challenge at Construction club after school . They had to make a building out of construction play equipment and work as a team. They had to show good speaking and listening skills and work together on their buildings.  They built some very interesting designs and even […]

Autumn Leaf Sculptures

by | 9 Sep 2016 | Classes

This term Woodpeckers have been learning about Sculptures in Art. They have looked at different sculpture making materials and learnt skills needed to make a sculpture. As a class the children picked their own leaves and use clay to make and Autumn leaf shaped sculpture. They use clay modelling tools to create a leaf effect […]

Woodpeckers Class Assembly.

by | 7 Jul 2016 | Classes

Today was the turn of the Woodpeckers to share their hard work. They shared their knowledge of beat and rhythm and played different beats that they had made up in their groups. Some children shared their alternate endings to the traditional tale of Red Riding Hood which included  Red Riding Hood getting help from the Three […]

Fruit Art!

by | 5 May 2016 | Classes, Curriculum, Woodpeckers

This week in DT the Woodpeckers have been designing their own rainforest animal made out of fruit. They have thought about healthy eating and chosen a rainforest animal each to recreate using just fruit. The children looked at lots of different types of fresh fruit and compared the difference between fresh and tinned fruit. Once they […]

Woodpeckers Are Minibeast Detectives!

by | 5 May 2016 | Classes, Woodpeckers

Woodpecker class have been learning about habitats and micro habitats. They have looked at different world habitats, and compared the animals that lived there. They have been learning about microhabitats, paying particular interest to the mini beasts and other animals that could be found there. The Woodpeckers have been exploring the outdoor area to look at pond and […]

Rainforest Safari Cars!

by | 5 May 2016 | Curriculum, Woodpeckers

This week the Woodpeckers have been constructing junk model safari cars to travel through the rainforest! They have measured and created their own wheel axles using kebab skewers and fixed on their wheels using plastercine. They made sure sharp ends were covered and that their wheels would enable their cars to move. They printed camouflage patterns […]

Woodpeckers Share Their Work.

by | 5 May 2016 | Classes, Curriculum, Woodpeckers

This week was the Woodpeckers’ class assembly. The children showed off their knowledge of the Rainforest by sharing information from their fact files and Geography work based around continents and oceans. Children could talk about which continents had Rainforests and give lots of fun facts about the animals that live there. They demonstrated and talked about the […]

Woodpecker’s Class Assembly

by | 3 Mar 2016 | Curriculum, Parents, Woodpeckers

Last week the Woodpeckers shared their learning in front of the school and parents. The children retold the story of Noah’s Ark using actions and shared their own versions of the 10 commandments. The children also shared some of their wonderful recounts based on World Book Day and celebrated their achievements. Well done!  

Woodpeckers Class Assembly

by | 2 Feb 2016 | Woodpeckers

Last week was the turn of the Woodpeckers to share their learning from this term with the rest of the school and parents. Every child chose to show something they were proud of. This included showing seasons collages, handwriting before and after shots, spellings progress and maths strategies learnt this term. The assembly ended on a high […]

Woodpeckers Measure The Weather!

by | 2 Feb 2016 | Woodpeckers

This term Woodpeckers have been learning about the weather. The Woodpeckers took part in an experiment to make a rain cloud in a glass to help them understand what clouds are made of; how it rains and why. They worked in groups to follow instructions on how to make a rain gauge using a plastic bottle, sellotape, […]

Woodpeckers Build Houses For Different Climates!

by | 2 Feb 2016 | Woodpeckers

Last week in DT, Woodpeckers had the challenge of designing and building houses to suit different climates around the world. First we took advantage of our schools’  den building area and built a shelter from the wind using sticks, bendy wooden canes and material. Next our challenge was to design and build a house to […]