Mrs Thornton

Woodpeckers Share Their Work.

by | 5 May 2016 | Classes, Curriculum, Woodpeckers

This week was the Woodpeckers’ class assembly. The children showed off their knowledge of the Rainforest by sharing information from their fact files and Geography work based around continents and oceans. Children could talk about which continents had Rainforests and give lots of fun facts about the animals that live there. They demonstrated and talked about the […]

Woodpecker’s Class Assembly

by | 3 Mar 2016 | Curriculum, Parents, Woodpeckers

Last week the Woodpeckers shared their learning in front of the school and parents. The children retold the story of Noah’s Ark using actions and shared their own versions of the 10 commandments. The children also shared some of their wonderful recounts based on World Book Day and celebrated their achievements. Well done!  

Woodpeckers Class Assembly

by | 2 Feb 2016 | Woodpeckers

Last week was the turn of the Woodpeckers to share their learning from this term with the rest of the school and parents. Every child chose to show something they were proud of. This included showing seasons collages, handwriting before and after shots, spellings progress and maths strategies learnt this term. The assembly ended on a high […]

Woodpeckers Measure The Weather!

by | 2 Feb 2016 | Woodpeckers

This term Woodpeckers have been learning about the weather. The Woodpeckers took part in an experiment to make a rain cloud in a glass to help them understand what clouds are made of; how it rains and why. They worked in groups to follow instructions on how to make a rain gauge using a plastic bottle, sellotape, […]

Woodpeckers Build Houses For Different Climates!

by | 2 Feb 2016 | Woodpeckers

Last week in DT, Woodpeckers had the challenge of designing and building houses to suit different climates around the world. First we took advantage of our schools’  den building area and built a shelter from the wind using sticks, bendy wooden canes and material. Next our challenge was to design and build a house to […]

Woodpecker Class Cheer Up Hospital Patients

by | 12 Dec 2015 | Woodpeckers

This week Woodpecker class have been very busy making lots of Christmas decorations to give to West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust in order to help cheer up the patients.  The children wanted to brighten up the hospital wards and cheer up patients who are poorly over Christmas by giving them a variety of different decorations and get well […]

Dinosaur Captured On Camera!

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Woodpeckers

This week has been a very exciting time for Woodpecker class who discovered that there had been a Triceratops rampaging round the school over the weekend. Miss Kluge showed the class CCTV footage of a Triceratops in the school car park and the children produced some fabulous stories based on what they had seen. The children weren’t afraid because they had […]

Woodpecker Class Share ‘Wow Work’ With Friends and Family In Class Assembly.

by | 11 Nov 2015 | Achievements, Classes, Parents, Woodpeckers

  This week was the turn of Woodpecker Class to share some of their favourite work from the term in their Class Assembly. The children showed the rest of the school and parents the firework pictures they had made; sang the ‘Days Of The Week’ song that they had been learning, performed their class poem […]