Who Let the Gods Out?

by | 10 Oct 2020 | Computing, English, History, News, Swans

To link in with our Ancient Greek topic, our whole class reading and writing for this half term was based on the book ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ by May Evans; we also linked part of our computing topic to the book.   We spent half of our ‘computing time’ studying ‘online safety’ reminding ourselves […]

Cup Coders

by | 10 Oct 2020 | News

This week Woodpeckers Class learned to code. Our pupils paired up and stepped into the role of either a ‘programmer’ or a ‘robot’. The programmer’s job was to write a successful algorithm (set of instructions) to enable the ‘robot’ to build a stack of plastic cups. We had great fun in this offline ‘unplugged’ activity, […]

Vikings in the Woodpeckers Class

by | 10 Oct 2020 | News

This term we have been learning all about the Vikings. We have learned some traditional Viking myths and stories, as well as a more modern Viking tale – the Saga of Bjorn. It is the story of the mighty warrior Bjorn and the battles he faces on his final (sometimes gruesome!) journey. Will he end […]

Walk To School Week

by | 10 Oct 2020 | Classes, JRSO, News

During the week of the 5th of October the children were encouraged to walk to school. This year due to the current situation staff were unable to provide a ‘Walking Bus’, but this didn’t stop children and parents from walking to school. They parked their cars at the end of Strickmere and walked to school […]

Dissecting Daffodils

by | 3 Mar 2020 | News

This week,  the Woodpeckers have been learning about the different parts and functions of a flower. They were able to be real scientists and work together to dissect daffodils to reveal the hidden parts of a flower! The children were amazed to see the baby seeds from inside the nectary and really enjoyed separating the […]

The Sun – Books for School

by | 3 Mar 2020 | English, News, Parents

We didn’t collect enough Book for Schools tokens but The Sun newspaper has acknowledged us as a small school and we have been lucky enough to receive a lovely box of new books worth £600. The children have been enjoying reading the new books. Thank you again for collecting the tokens and supporting us.

Investigating the Transportation of Water

by | 3 Mar 2020 | News, Science, Woodpeckers

This half term, the Woodpeckers have been learning about the names and functions of the different parts of a plant (and what they need to grow well). In one of the lessons, they focused on the stem and learnt that its job is to transport water to the leaves. We wanted to find out if […]

Egyptian Death Mask Making in DT

by | 2 Feb 2020 | Art & Design, History, News, Woodpeckers

The Woodpeckers have been creating death masks in DT. The children took inspiration from Tutankhamun’s death mask when designing their own. They created their masks by covering a balloon with paper mache, cutting it in half and attaching a cardboard head dress. The children used paper mache for the nose, and painted on Egyptian makeup […]

A Trip To Ipswich Museum

by | 2 Feb 2020 | History, News, Trips, Woodpeckers

On Wednesday 5th February, the Woodpeckers went to Ipswich Museum to take part in an activity day based around the Ancient Egyptians. They got to handle ancient artifacts, try on Egyptian clothing and masks as well as taking part in lots of fun activities. The children enjoyed crawling through the tunnel into the tomb and […]

Mummification Experiment Results!

by | 2 Feb 2020 | History, News, Woodpeckers

Two weeks ago the children took part in an experiment. They wanted to find out if the mummification process actually worked and so they worked in pairs to mummify a tomato. They followed the same mummification steps as the Egyptians would have done with their Pharaohs. They measured the starting weight of the tomatoes before […]

Making Papyrus!

by | 2 Feb 2020 | News

This half term, in science, the Woodpeckers have been learning about materials. We identified different materials and their uses and compared them with the materials they had in Ancient Egypt and what they would have been used for. We decided to focus on paper. Did you know that the Egyptians were the first to introduce […]

Secret Hieroglyphic Message Decoding At Woodpeckers Sharing Session

by | 2 Feb 2020 | News

Thursday 30th January was the turn of the Woodpeckers to have their parents come in to school to share their learning with them. The children have enjoyed learning how to write in hieroglyphics so much, that they made a secret hieroglyphic message for their parents to decode. Then they got their parents to test out […]